Thursday, March 12, 2020

"Teach Yourself to Accept WHO you are" Diamond Platnumz Pens

Diamond Platnumz seems to be moving on after his bitter breakup with Tanasha Donna, who is still grappling with the nasty feeling.

Diamond has International gigs to take care of, brand ambassadorial duties to do and a brand image of himself to keep and maintain.

Meanwhile, Tanasha seems to be taking time off to rethink, to recollect and get the broken pieces back together.

In a recent update, the Bongo Flava heavyweight penned a moving post, admitting that no human is perfect – we each have our good and bad side.

¨Teach yourself to accept who you are¨ Naseeb continued, highlighting how important it is to treasure every human that has an impact in one´s life.

Every human being has his good and bad side. So teach yourself to accept who you are and treasure everyone who made an impact in your life whether good of bad.

For one reason:

They did not come into your life by mistake. It was written by God for them to be there and help you reach the far that you have come.

Whether they left a negative of a positive mark, Chibu believes it was meant to be so.

Meanwhile, his Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha has been putting up motivational quotes, bashing the crooner for taking her for granted and really trying to move on from the heartbreak.

Taking some alone time in Diani, Tanasha has immersed herself into a myriad of activities to avoid having the nasty feeling clouding her mind.

Posing in bikinis, going out with her friends and listening to some good music for the soul.

She believes that those who took her for granted, missed it all. She quotes:

Girl whoever didn´t see your worth I´m sorry.

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